Amazing Facts That You Should Know About Electric Blankets

You should know some facts about the electric blankets, whether you are already using it or you are thinking about purchasing one. Here is a complete guide that would help you to know more about them.

Surprising facts about Electric blankets

  • Using the Memory foam mattress with the electric blanket.

Manufacturers often advise against using the electric blanket along with the memory foam mattress and there is no safety issues related to it. The reason is because the electric blanket would act as a barrier between the memory foam and your body and hence may prevent the moulding of the memory foam to body that can make it less comfortable.


There is certain evidence you can’t argue with and that is the heat produced from the blanket can also damage the memory foam mattress.

However, some manufacturers have a different opinion. They generally do not protest against using the blanket with the memory foam mattress.

  • Using Electric blanket for the Dog.

It is important that you provide adequate warmth to your dog. However, you should not use the electric blanket for it. Some pet owners think that the blanket can be an effective source for providing the warmth.

The dog may find it difficult to regulate its temperature if you have used the electric blanket especially if he sleeps in an enclosed bed or crate. You should instead buy a quality winter blanket for it.

  • Cost of the Electric blankets.

They are not really expensive. If you are using the most energy efficient blanket for two hours in a day, it would cost approximately £2.99. 

  • Comparison with the hot water bottle.

They are actually not comparable. The electric blanket would warm you all over while the hot water bottle would offer localised heat only. However, the hot water bottle will generally cool down over time, but the electric blanket would provide you adequate warmth until you switch it off.


You can check the online platforms so as to know a little more about the electric blankets