Different types of hair texture you should know.

Hair straitening is what most women do to their hair; it is a way of keeping their hair in good shape. The use of a straightening brush helps them achieve this thereby reducing their time of visits to the saloon.

Most women jump to the market and purchase hair straightening brush without have a little understanding of the texture of their hair because hair texture determines the type of brush you should purchase.

Let’s take a look at the types of hair texture

Fine Straight Hair

If you are looking for the silky quality hair you need not to look too far, it is the fine straight hair. You have to be careful when purchasing your personal brush to get your hair Brushed Straight and make sure that you get the one has low temperature setting because you hair will get burned if exposed too much temperature of heating.

Fine, Curly Hair

The quality of fine or curly hair is much thicker than the fine straight hair. Due to the curly style of your hair, the density will varies and this is due to the nature of your hair.

So it will be advisable that if you decide to purchase a personal hair straightening brush, you should opt for the one with different temperature range so that you can always adjust the temperature to suit the texture of your hair.

Thick Straight Hair

This type of hair is also referred to as a rigid hair quality. It is very much different from the first two types of hair listed above because it has more strength but it doesn’t even have small curly attributes.

This type of hair is rigid and this is why you need to purchase a straightening brush with high temperature performance to heat the hair because the hair demands additional heat to straighten the follicles.

Thick Curly Hair

This type of hair is a very strong hair just like the thick straight hair but it is different because it is curly in nature. Due to the texture of this hair it demand high heat and when purchasing a straightening brush for your hair, you should consider getting the a brush with high temperature option.

Normal, Medium and Wavy Hair

This type of hair is soft and it is not difficult to straighten therefore it will do you good by getting a straightening brush with medium temperature option to heat the hair.

Thin and Fine Hair

This type of hair is very soft therefore when buying your hair straightening brush; do consider the one with the lowest temperature option to heat your hair because your hair can easily get burn when exposed to too much heat.


Now that you have the understanding of the different hair texture we have, this will help you in getting the best hair straightening brush that is compatible with your hair.