Dental Implant Is Better Than Traditional Bridge

Dental implant is now the most prevalent option in the present culture. As smile is our vital feature, we always try to make your teeth perfect with the some special process in North London. Generally, if only one tooth is lost, there are mainly two common options of treatment, and these options are-

  • Conventional bridge that is tooth-supported (three-unit bridge)
  • Crown that is implant-supported

While the bridge is applied for replacing a single missing tooth, all the surrounding teeth may fall. Thus, the bridge possesses support structure. Unfortunately, such process damages natural enamel along with the structure of tooth. Though a three-unit bridge that supports the bridge may be useful for lots of years, the teeth that have been compromised often develop damage and periodontal loss of bone. Sometimes, they may cause some future issues, which can be costlier and more complex to treat. Thus though the trouble of a lost tooth is cured using the bridge immediately, the future issues with nearby teeth can occur.

How the implants can be fitted

Single-tooth implants can be used in patients who are missing one or more teeth. This dental implant is placed surgically in a gap, which is created by dentist in jawbone. When the implant gets attached to the bone, it works as the fresh core for a crown, which can replace the lost tooth. The cap that is designed to appear as an original tooth may be tied to an implant.

For the success of such process, there should be sufficient bone in your jaw. This bone needs to be enough sturdy to grip the implant. When adequate bone is not present, it will have to be inserted through a process, known as bone augmentation.

Parts of the implanted teeth

A tooth that is restored by North London Dentist with implant includes a number of portions-

  • The abutment, created with titanium, porcelain or gold, tied to implant, using a screw. The portion links the crown and the implant. This is formed as a real tooth, which is being cut down for obtaining a crown
  • The implant, created with titanium, is put in your lower or upper jaw.
  • The restoration- This is the crown, and is generally manufactured with porcelain combined to some metal alloy. Moreover, it may be completely porcelain or fully metal. The crown can be twisted onto the part of abutment. While screwing, the hole of the screw can be coated with restorative substance.

These are the basic facts about the dental implants, and you can use it rather than choosing the traditional bridges.