The Ultimate Guide for Using an Electric Wine Opener

The traditional corkscrew is not only difficult to use, but sometimes it can be frustrating when you are trying to budge the cork and it refuses to come out. For amateurs and professionals alike there is a new solution by which, not only you can open a dozen wine bottles without any hassle, you also save your time in doing so. They also make a good style statement when you keep it near to your wine cooler.

Even the most experienced bartender at one point or the other will face difficulty in opening many wine bottles at a time. The traditional corkscrew is just not simple enough to use and efficient every time. After corking the tenth bottle, every one fails or finds it hard to open another one.

Electric wine openers, on the other hand, provide easy solutions to these problems. Your hands get tired by corking so many bottles and the chances are that at the end of the tenth bottle, the cork itself gets stuck. You do not want to find yourself in any such situation. The various advantages of using an electric wine opener are:

  • People with even the slightest knowledge of wine bottles can open them, using the electric wine opener.
  • Some people suffering from hand shivering and other conditions that hinder the process of opening a wine bottle will find it much easy to use.
  • The rechargeable battery in the electric wine opener gives you the freedom to carry it anywhere without worrying about the power problems.
  • It has also become a type of style statement. It comes in various styles and variants. Make sure you choose the one that matches your style. Keep it with the wine cooler to impress your friends.
  • It saves much time by being efficient and effective.
  • It spares any damage to the bottle, which can be caused by using traditional corkscrew openers.

How to use it?

  • Cut the silver foil over your wine bottle with a knife.
  • Just put the electric cork opener over the cork so that its center matches the center of the cork.
  • Press the button and a hinge will fit itself into the cork binding it to the screw opener.

Then you just have to pull it out and press another button to release the cork out from the bottle. So next time you need to pop a cork, do it in style with the electric cork opener.