Tips for Choosing the Right Wallet

A man’s wallet is one of the most important accessories, owned across the board from the wealthy to the poor. The accessory dates back to the beginning of civilization. After the creation of currency, there was the need for a suitable accessory that could hold it. History has it that sack wallets were the first to invade the market, which was ideal for holding coins and other forms of currencies. The design evolved as man discovered new ways of making wallets.

Currently, wallets are available in a variety of designs. Popular types include the Billfold, but you could also view the Bellroy collection for more designs. Here are some of the popular types of wallets in the market today.

The Billfold

The Billfold is the most common type of wallet. Often made of leather, the wallet can slide easily in the back pocket. The first Billfold was invented in the 1950s, with two or three folds. With the introduction of credit cards, the wallets were designed with a special section to hold the cards. With the necessary changes, the Billfold became the most practical type of wallet for many years.

The Breast wallet

It is a taller version of the Billfold wallet in which you can place your banknotes while they are straight. Owing to its size, this type of wallet is ideal for the breast pocket, hence the name. Alternatively, you can place it inside a bag or briefcase. In most instances, the wallet is considered a statement and could make you pay more in your local store.

The travel wallet

The travel wallet is closely related to the breast wallet. However, the travel version is larger. In addition to your cash, it can hold other items too. There is space to keep your passport and your pass. The wallet is too big for the pant pockets and sometimes it may not even fit in the breast pocket. The best way to carry the travel wallet is by using a carry-on bag that you can access immediately.

If you fly regularly, the travel wallet is the ideal accessory. It can store all the necessary items that you need, keep them closer to you, and avoid stress when it comes to check-ins. With many manufacturers in the market, it is important to read reviews on wallets before you purchase. This could help you filter the products and choose what can serve you best.