Understanding the Need for an Orangery

The desire to create a distinct living style should prompt you to come up with an unparalleled structure that gives your property unmatched curb appeal.  Apart from style, your design should offer the utmost comfort and ensure maximum relaxation. Arguably, fitting an orangery is an ideal move to achieve these wishes.

What is an Orangery?

Simply put, an orangery is an extension to your house made of solid brick pillars, stone or brick bases, large glazed windows and other utilities. Traditionally, this structure was used for growing fruits and exotic plants, but has changed with time to become a relaxation place with the option to configure various options. You can use the orangery as a living room, kitchen or dining room.


The orangery is built on a solid concrete base and features a frame that makes use of brick or wooden pillars to support a flat roof. Most orangery designs incorporate a central roof lantern that can have several vent windows or glass panels. These structures utilize double or triple glazed windows to give you Orangery Builds that are energy efficient.

The materials for constructing the orangery are mostly uPVC due to the low cost of installation. You can also choose a timber or aluminum orangery. However, the aluminum material has to be capped with another material to make it more appealing.

The most common base uses bricks, which are then placed on top of a concrete foundation. Depending on the land characteristics, your project might require additional support.

The lighting is mostly natural, with the option of adding electrical lights to the mix. This makes sure you have natural light during daytime and superior lighting during the night.


The cost of setting up an orangery depends on the size of the upgrade you want. The style also matters a lot as well as the features that you want to have.

Commercial Orangeries

Orangeries aren’t only meant to be for residential purposes, you can use them for commercial purposes as well. You can operate your business from an orangery for various reasons ranging from branding to lighting.

Final Words

You open yourself to a world of comfort and relaxation when you set up an orangery. If you are a fan of stargazing, then this will be your forte. You can as well convert it into a workstation or a party area – the uses are endless. Adding an orangery to your premises adds value to your property, making it a wise investment in the long run.